About Us

Wagyu cattle at Luckey 13 Ranch: stress-free, all-natural, grown with no antibiotics or hormones.  Our Wagyu beef is delicious and melts in your mouth!

Welcome to Luckey 13 Ranch, located in Bonanza, Oregon

First and foremost we want to thank you for visiting our web page.

William ( Bill ) Luckey moved to Oregon from the San Francisco Bay Area when he retired.

Now with a fresh start,  Bill set his sights on doing  what he had always wanted to do, that was ranching.  He chose Wagyu beef not only for the quality of the beef itself, but for the flavor as well.

The Luckey13 Ranch was established In October 2009.

It is not a large ranch but it is a working ranch and growing.

We work hard every day to keep our cows stress free and happy,  Our cattle are grass fed and chemical free. We work at getting the best beef possible to you at a price that is not only reasonable but also fair.  

The Ranch Manager, Larry, was raised in Tennessee and moved to Oregon when he retired, and has worked with Bill from the beginning. Both are Veterans of the US Military and look forward to many years of service to you.   Thank you for your Orders and consideration.

Stay Safe and Good Health Be Yours.



Bill and Larry
Luckey 13 Ranch
Bonanza, Oregon